Create Romance 😍 With Stella Bistro Food Luv Potion Desserts!

Valentine's Day is around the corner. You're constantly reminded when you go to the grocery store buying milk and gas.

You're tormented in the winter wind at the gas pump, thinking reading the 'heart-filled' day advertisements will keep you're mind off trying not to freeze.

With all of the constant reminders, it still seems to slip your mind how February 14th sneaks up on you.

Just imagine waking up to stare at your loved one's alarm clock anticipating them rolling over hoping to enjoy a day packed with heart-related gifts, when you just bought them jewelry for Christmas. 😑

Your wallet and their wish list need to give you a break.🙍

Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts are great for intimate moments when taste buds crave more.

Indulge and introduce your taste buds to the latest Stella Bistro Foods additions below!

- Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts in Sweet Celebration: Enjoy the velvet taste of vanilla cake topped with colorful sprinkles.

- Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts in Chocolate Delight: Enjoy the deep deluxe taste of chocolate cake accented with inviting chocolate chunks.

- Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts in Velvet Surprise: Enjoy the savory flavors strawberry, chocolate, and raspberry-infused flavor that is to have your taste buds worship your fork.

- Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts in Apple Delight: Enjoy the sweet and spiced taste of harvest spices, like our Stella Bistro Foods Chai, Autumn Flair Sultry Spice and apple pieces.

Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts are ideal* for birthdays, anniversaries, or if you're needing a moment at the office to indulge!

Treat your taste buds to Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts, available HERE.

Comment below to let us know what your taste buds love about Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Desserts!

*Conveniently packaged with easy step instructions to create in under two minutes. Available as 4 individually packed.

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