Essential Cooking Tools for Beginners

A New Year awaits us! Our most personal food discoveries are bred when someone expands their horizon to different foods and spices. What about our resolutions for improved cooking?

We love creating new recipes, but having the proper cookware is essential. As we've grown from the concept of self-taught to showing off our new learned skills, we have learned there's foodie resolutions we all should accomplish.

Whether you're experienced in our kitchen or an aspiring amateur, here's a list of cooking essentials our Stellar kitchen uses to cook and entertain like a pro!

1. 10" Skillet

I use to have mismatched pots and pans. Half were non-stick with warped lids. The remaining were non-stick with no matching lids. At the end of my recipe development phase, I found it overwhelming to create eye appealing plate presentations with my pan inconsistencies.

With the proper 10" skillet, you have options of your cooking host being nonstick or stainless steel, to list a few. The benefits of a 10 inch skillet are endless. It's great for dinner parties and breakfast for large groups. Pretty much the options of what to feed a crowd are sky's the limit - except eggs.

2. Chef Knife

The right knife promotes a healthy cooking expedition.

Butter knives aren't ideal for chopping veggies or fruit. Steak knives are not ideal for filet cuts.

This is where your chef knife will be your best friend. Invest in an 8 inch and 10 inch chef's knife. The best way to pick an ideal chef's knife is to consider the produce you'll be cutting and your forearm strength. For example, russet potatoes are softer than sweet potatoes.

3. Cutting Board

This is the angel of your kitchen essentials! Using a cutting board will save you thousands from damaged counter tops! You can chop your veggies, proteins and accent your kitchen counter tops.

Plastic cutting boards are great for proteins. Wooden cutting boards are good accents on virtually all counter tops.

An alternative cutting board would be a bamboo cutting board.

4. 8 Quart Large Pot

Chilis, soups, broths and stews are amazing for this lovely cooking addition. Large and heavy pots are also great for boiling pastas and vegetables. Large quart pots distribute heat evenly.

Choose from styles of glass, copper or stainless steel!

5. Large Spoons

Save your soup spoons for the dinner table.

Your large spoons should be heat resistant.

Use large spoons for stirring, scooping, serving, folding and mixing batters.

6. Peeler

A peeler in your kitchen is an angel to have!

A peeler is great for peeling and scalloping potatoes, cucumbers and other vegges.

Whether you choose an Y-peeler or a handy old-fashion, this versatile kitchen essential shaves chocolate for desserts and helps make decorative food topping creations like flowers.

7. Colander/Strainer

The corner of your sink does not equate to draining oils or liquids from beans, pastas and proteins.

It's ideal to have a colander in your kitchen that tolerate the heat and does not rust.

Knowing your average serving size will guide you to purchasing an adequate size colander for your kitchen, family, or party size and budget.

This year, be the Stellar host you really are! Enjoy your guests and conversation - let the cooking essentials speak for themselves!

What are a few of your cooking essentials? A can opener? Parchment paper? Comment below to let us know! Your cooking essential could be featured!

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