Garden Like A Pro!

As the spring and summer temperatures begin to rise while quarantine has everyone wondering what to do with our big back yards and sunlight.

Gardening has always been a season staple as the spring welcomes warmth and tons of sunlight. Put your back yard to use with Stella Bistro's #STELLAR tips on how to garden like a pro!

Don't stress - start small!

Gardening can relieve stress, so don't stress yourself to begin your [initial] garden. Don't start your garden too soon.

An ideal size for a starting gardener should feed at least a family of four.

Begin with seeding that's easy going for you to hydrate, fertilize and maintain. You can start gardening with egg shells to begin seedlings. Alternatively, mini compartments can ease gardening management.

Keep your gardening tool collection SIMPLE.

Gardening can be exciting when you observe your seedlings beginning to sprout! To transform and manage your garden, you'll need a few essential garden tools. Using the basic garden tools help reduce overcrowding your shed.

Gardening gloves should be durable and protective.

Be sure your gardening gloves fit comfortably with long cuffs to prevent soil and water from getting in your gardening gloves. Gardening gloves should also be safe from insects.

Photo credit: MiracleGro

A handheld hoe will be beneficial for your #STELLAR garden with planting. Your handheld hoe should be sturdy for digging and rust resistant. Garden hoes are great for beginners with garden vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

Stella Bistro Foods uses mineral oil and sand as a self-sharpening cleanser.

Adding a garden hose to your back yard can make watering your fruits and vegetables easy. Garden houses are available in three basic sizes: 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inches.

A pair of garden shears are a great addition to your beginners' garden kit. Your pair of garden shears should fit comfortably in the palm of your hands. Stella Bistro Foods recommends garden shears that include a safety latch, for safety reasons.

Photo credit: Burpee Seeds

Know your garden!

The United States is divided in several regions. Each region experience warm weather at different times in seasons.

Understand the USDA zone map.

Getting to know zoning is critical prior to beginning your backyard garden. Zone map awareness can help with identifying the soil type [such as loam, clay and sand] needed to grow your high quality seeds.

Loam is a soil type consisting of sand, slit and clay. Clay is used in southern states due to the soil type is slow draining and slow to warm in the spring. Clay soil would be great for gardens in southern states, like Florida, due to the sunshine state's heavy rainfall. Sand contains low moisture and subject to erosion.

Sand is a ideal soil alternative because of easy drainage and loosens heavy soils.

Biodegradable compost and coffee grounds are great for gardens to boost fertilizer and soil type used in your garden!

Watering your garden in the morning helps prevent burning your fruits and vegetables during the hottest hours of the day.

In our #STELLAR garden, watering our fruits and vegetables happen close to sunrise and sunset. Watering your garden in the morning allows the garden roots to grow deeply.

Begin your garden with ...

- Beets

- Radishes

- Carrots

- Corn (grows in two seasons)

- Tomatoes (grows in the summer months)

- Lettuce

What's in your garden for the spring and summer?

Comment and list your fruits and vegetables below!

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