Kickstart Your Morning With Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starters!

A busy body once said," The way your morning begins is a foreshadow of how your day ends."

Totally untrue.

Whether there's unexpected traffic or agonizing to find parking, we believe how you endure the day, says mounds on what you can conquer daily.

At Stella Bistro Foods, we believe endurance begins with beginning the day eating right and feeling good.

Kickstart your morning with delicious fruit, sweetness, and savory sultry spices to give you the vitamins and minerals needed to endure your productive day!

Grab your favorite mug and enjoy breakfast packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with our signature Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starters:

Stella Bistro Foods Glacier Hot Cereal

Influenced by our most popular Glacier Granola, we crafted a Glacier Granola version on the fly! Whether you're needing a quick post-workout meal, breakfast warm on a cold day, or a quick cereal while sitting in morning traffic, your taste buds are guaranteed to be satisified.

Enjoy Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starters Glacier Hot Cereal with gluten-free oats, tart cranberries, our signature Cayenne Complex, and rich angelic chocolate accented with our signature Stella Bistro Foods Autumn Flair Sultry Spice.

Stella Bistro Foods Blueberry Crisp Hot Cereal

Who said having breakfast and dessert together isn't a great combination?

Perfect for the children on school mornings, camping, or busy mornings on the go.

Take a break to enjoy Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starters Blueberry Crisp Hot Cereal. Taste hints of the Southern tradition of blueberries, simple sweetness, gluten-free oats and our signature Stella Bistro Foods Autumn Flair Sultry Spice.

Stella Bistro Foods Tropical Morning Hot Cereal

Visit the Tropics thrugh your tastebuds! Close your eyes and enjoy - you just need 5 minutes.

Enjoy the tropical heavens with Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Stater Tropical Morning Hot Cereal! Packed with tropical fruit, angelic chocolate, and lightly dusted with our signature Stella Bistro Foods Chai Sultry Spice.

Stella Bistro Foods S'Mores Hot Cereal

Gather around the campfire with your kids, family, and friends with our twisted campfire tradition.

Enjoy the campfire with the works - honey and cinnamon graham crumbles, chocolate notes, and marshmallows wrapped around hearty gluten-free oats.

Taste all four of Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starters via Stella Bistro Foods Market.

Tell us which Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starter your taste buds enjoyed the most!

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