Our April Review

Welcoming the #spring season has been fun thus far. We're blooming like the flowers!

In April, we opened the season with #itsmarketday at Grove Street People's Market on Thursdays between 6pm and 8pm. The community gave Stella Bistro Foods a "warming and returning" support by discovering our new products like our Autumn Flair Sultry Spice and our Table Dance Meals.

The third Friday of the month, Stella Bistro Foods attending their first city wide event, Greensboro City Market.

Our introduction to the mass public was made with our signature sweet and spicy breakfast starter, Glacier Granola. We shared our "baked highlight" of the spring (Granny Smith apples), Apple Pie Cake.

Apple Pie Mini Cakes

Crowds of people stopped by to congratulate Stella Bistro Foods for their milestones. A few #STELLAR tasters told other downtown walkers about our creative blends and encouraged them to try and purchase - they did!

In 2016, Stella Bistro Foods debut at The Corner Farmers Market sharing tasty insight on campfire cereals, flavorful #glutenfree and #vegan bites and pastries. It was an amazing feeling to see returning customers stop by The Corner Farmers Market to grab a few extra bags for traveling friends, family and stash for the office!

(L to R): Autumn Flair, Lemon Pepper, Marinade Rub, Universalt and Rustic Italian. Stella Bistro Sultry Spices
It was a great three day celebration through the heart of Greensboro.

As The Corner Farmers Market closed our three day celebration, Stella Bistro Foods felt the warmth, encouragement and support by selling out of all three granolas, Coffeehouse, Glacier, and French Apple Latte, and Table Dance Meals! Dozens of spice cabinets are making friends to our signature sultry spices.

We look forward to celebrating all summer with our location staples. We encourage you to be there! Join our #STELLAR Facebook Club to receive the announcements for upcoming events!

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