RECAP: Grove's Street People's Market

Thursday, April 12th marked the beginning of the spring season for the farmer's market communities within the Triad of North Carolina.

Stella Bistro Foods was in attendance excited to introduce our signature sultry spices and our new Table Dance* meals. Glenwood's nearby neighborhoods and communities showed great support and excitement for fresh produce, farmer market staples and new items - like ours!

As our sultry spices gain popularity with the Glenwood community, we discovered the excitement for our bestselling signatures like our "sweet and spicy" Glacier Granola, and our morning starter, Coffeehouse Granola!
I enjoyed being able to introduce our versatile Table Dance meals to our founding supporters. Kinderick, an excited Stellar customers, attended the Grove Street People's Market to stop by our table. Like himself, he explored our Table Dance meals (formerly Flavorism) as "late night snacks" that can be great and flavorful, simply "follow the directions".

We're looking forward to opening and continuing the farmer's market season with Grove Street People's Market. Stella Bistro Foods will be available at the Grove Street People's Market every Thursday between 6pm to 8pm. Beginning in June, Stella Bistro will be available on Saturdays' Grove Street People's Market. Grove Street People's Market is located at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Grove Street - be sure to come and support!
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