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Updated: May 27

People can be in different spaces and places, that doesn't mean love for each other should change.

The year 2020 has shown us that it's important to appreciate each day. We should show the same appreciation for the ones that we love and are close to us.

The simple things can fill places in our hearts we didn't know to exist.

Let someone know how special they are with our Stellar Care Boxes, exclusively available at Stella Bistro Foods!

Express your love, care, and warmth with sending one-time or reoccurring Stellar Care Boxes. Stellar Care Boxes great gifts for students, camping, traveling, thoughtfulness, to treat yourself - you name!

Our Stellar Care Boxes have themed options for you to select, purchase, and send to your loved one!

Gift someone with love today with our following Stellar Care Boxes:

1. Stella Bistro Foods STELLAR Day Self-Care Box

Crafted with signature Stella Bistro Foods - it's missing hot water and your taste buds!

Great for essential workers, students, employee appreciation, camping, traveling, and busy people with little time to enjoy flavorful moments throughout the day.

Though you're on the go, Stella Bistro Foods cares you have your essentials.

Each Stella Bistro Foods STELLAR Day Pack consists of the desired following:

- Stella Bistro Foods Steamy Eyed Tea

- Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starter Oat Cereal

- Stella Bistro Foods Mind Wandering (Quick) Meal

- Stella Luv Potion Dessert

Each Stella Bistro Foods staple is individually wrapped with instructions for each STELLAR product. Each STELLAR product requires ONLY HOT water, a microwave, your taste buds ...

2. Aroma & Aura and Co. Relax + Soak Aromatherapy Set Self-Care Self-Love in French Toast, a Stella Bistro Foods brand

Formerly known as Flossie Skincare, a Stella Bistro Foods brand staple is awaiting to relax you from a long day.

Relax and unwind with warm notes of cinnamon and brown sugar after a long day! Who doesn't looking forward to loving baths? Stellar Care Box consists of two 4-oz glass jars and 3-pack of Stella Bistro Foods Steamy Eyed Tea in Flossie Skin Tea.

Created with generational love, our rooibos-based tea is packed with antioxidants, such as zinc and alpha-hydroxy, to promote healthy and radiant skin.

Balanced with fruit flavor and essential minerals, enjoy knowing self-love is only 3 to 5 minutes away - steeping time, that is! :)

3. Stella Bistro Foods STELLAR Self-Love Box

Your special one will look forward to the end of the day or self-care with our Stellar Self-Love Box! Unwind and embrace your being with Stella Bistro Foods Luv Potion Dessert, signature Steamy Eyed Tea in Flossie Skin Tea while relaxing in Aroma & Aura & Co.'s RELAX + SOAK.

4. Aroma & Aura and Co. Relax + Soak Aromatherapy Set Self-Care Sick Allergies Flu Cold in Get Well Soon, a Stella Bistro Foods brand

Soothe yourself and rest up with comforting notes of eucalyptus and ginger to encourage a speedy recovery!

Allow the light menthol aroma relax your mind and eucalyptus bring recovery to nasal, throat, and body.

This Stellar Care Kit contains two 4-ounce Aroma & Aura & Co. glass bottles and Stella Bistro Foods Steamy Eyed Tea in Cold Buster Max.

Ease your nasal congestion and muscles while various vitamins and ginger root grant a speedy recovery with Stella Bistro Foods Steamy Eyed Tea in Cold Buster Max!

Perfect for the cold and flu season, allergies, athletes, during midterms and finals for students!

For one-time purchases of Stellar Care Boxes, visit our Stellar Supermarket HERE.

For inquiries regarding Stellar Care Box subscriptions, e-mail us at stellabistroandcatering@gmail.com.

Need to send multiple? No worries, simply message us!

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