Shades of Sugar

Stella Bistro Foods loves baking fresh pastries like muffins and cupcakes just as much as the next baker. The smell of 'made with love' baked goods can warm any one's heart from the kitchen.

What makes Stella Bistro Foods known as 'The Breakfast Wizard' (speaking of our famous Glacier Granola and Chunk Monkey granola, special request and in-house signatures, may we add)?

It's simple -- Stella Bistro Foods is all about the sugar. The sugars we use to bake our #STELLAR greatness, we mean.

Sugar is a whole universe within itself when it comes to culinary arts. Just as flour can play a major role in your baking process, sugar has an equivalent role. It doesn't matter what kind or type of diet a #foodie is into. It doesn't matter what kind of #STELLAR achievements you're wanting to accomplish - sugars are a necessity in baking and cooking.

At #STELLAR University, we encourage our 'food warriors' to discover the shades of sugar.

"Sugar" is a term used in reference regarding crystallized sucrose from sugar cane or sugar beets. The color of sugar is determined by the amount of molasses is remaining.

Heating can also change the color and flavor (hence, caramel)!

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Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar is commonly used in baking and cooking.

Granulated sugar granules are fine due to the small crystals, which makes granulated sugar ideal for handling [in baking and cooking] and won't cake.

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Confectioner's sugar

Confectioner's sugar has dusted many pancakes, muffins and waffles in our Stella Bistro Foods test kitchen.

Also known as powdered sugar, the superfine granulated sugar goes through a process of finely grounded then sifted.

Be aware some confectioner's sugars could contain cornstarch to prevent caking.

Confectioner's sugar can often be used for icings, creams and fondant confections.

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Brown sugars are made directly by boiling a brown sugar syrup or blending white sugar and molasses. Certain sugars, like brown sugar, has a property called hygroscopy, which contributes and holds moisture.

A perk of brown sugar? Brown sugar has a low pH and slightly acidic.

Brown sugars clump due to the moisture, which makes baked gods have a chewy and fresh moist texture.

Light brown sugar carries a light brown color and lighter taste of molasses. Light brown sugar is often used in our Stella Bistro Foods baked goods and gravies.

Dark brown sugar has a deeper color and flavor of molasses. We discovered dark brown sugar is great for barbecue sauces and gingerbread cookies!

Turbinado sugar, also known as Demerara sugar or raw cane sugar, is an alternative as a mild brown sugar. Raw cane sugar contains a pale brown color. Turbinado sugar has sugar that retains more molasses. Raw cane sugar has larger crystals, which makes for a great decorative topping for pastries like baked muffins, scones and cakes

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Liquid sugar

Who doesn't love a smooth and sweetened mixed drink after a long, busy week? As you relax with your favorite beverage, imagine what's needed for your favorite drink to have an unique sweetness.

You guessed it - liquid sugar.

Known by its alias, simple syrup, is commonly used in drinks. You can make liquid sugar, or simple syrup, at home with equal parts sugar to water.

Alternatively, agave nectar is a naturally sweet taste compared to honey.

Also called agave syrup, this liquid sugar is a popular sweetener from the agave plant. Agave syrup is an healthy alternative due to containing about 70 to 90% fructose and between 10 to 30% glucose.

You don't have to choose!

At Stella Bistro Foods, we believe your taste buds can be a fan all things tasty. Whether your taste buds are acquainted with simple syrup or raw cane sugar, there's a shade of sugar that's sweet for each of us.

Take a look at our sugar choice here.

What's your sugar of choice? How do you use sugars in your cooking and baking?

Tell us!

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