Stella Bistro Foods Joins Hub City Co-op

South Carolina has many places to visit and see this summer. As we enter a new and warmer season, our wish list is becoming a mile long!

Recently, we visit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. We fell in love with the mellow morning breezes, warm sandy beach afternoons and coastal seafood cuisine evenings.

How could anyone want to leave after envisioning relocating while sun bathing - and without Stella Bistro Foods?!

Luckily for your tastebuds, they don't have to suffer. I mean what fun would that be?

None at all.

We discovered Hub City Co-op, a community owned market offer wholesome products to local communities! Located in the heart of Spartanburg, South Carolina residents can experience the culinary explosion!

Visit Hub City Co-op to treat your spice rack to signature sultry spices and TABLE DANCE Meals like Charr'd Beef and Garden Succotash with your family and friends.

Stella Bistro Foods is excited to meet new taste buds through sweet and spice creative flavors. As Stella Bistro Foods joins Hub City Co-op, we look forward to feeding more inquired taste buds.

Visited Hub City Co-op recently? Tried out signature sultry spices and Table Dance Meals? Let us know!

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