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In 2018, Stella Bistro Foods's #TABLEDANCE Meals received great reviews for creativity and flexibility at the dinner table!

Stella Bistro Foods feels special becoming a food pantry staple and a taste bud crave. Our love for combining sugars and spices has been a growing evolution into the New Age of Culinary Arts.

In September 2018, Stella Bistro Foods will welcome THREE new #TABLEDANCE Meals to trending meal kit family. Each holds their own bold and creative taste to win your next dinner party. Like our #TABLEDANCE Zesty Chicken and Herb and Veggie Delight, our new Stella Bistro Foods #TABLEDANCE Meals are paired with a 'recommended sip' of red or white wine - many of our #TABLEDANCE Meals are flexible to pair well with both!

Behold the tasty confidence of Stella Bistro Foods's latest #TABLEDANCE Meal additions:

Moroccan Chicken Marsala: Tradition is the headliner for one of our newest additions to the #TABLEDANCE Meals! Enjoy the traditional Chicken Marsala with our infused version of Moroccan Chicken Marsala. Romance your taste buds with notes of garlic and cinnamon. Relax with your toe curling Moroccan Chicken Marsala with a glass of crisp white wine.

This romantic themed meal feeds an eager table of two. Let the evening begin...

Stella Bistro Foods's TABLE DANCE Meal Honey Turmeric Chicken

Honey Turmeric Chicken: Enjoy this Indian traditional dish with notes of our Stella Bistro Foods's Tasty Turmeric Sultry Spice*, authentic orzo pasta and your choice of vegetable. Alternatively great with beef and lamb.

#TABLEDANCE Honey Turmeric Chicken Meal feeds your dinner of four in under one hour. Our newest signature meal kit is inviting for the family to prepare with you in the kitchen.

Buffalo Chicken Alfredo: What happens when you put the two best traditions in life together? A tasty fantasy - pinch yourself. Yep, you're awake. Whether dinner party or casual get together, enjoy the American and Italian infused layered flavors of football season's favorite food (Buffalo Chicken Wings dusted in our Stella Bistro Food's signature Cayenne Chiptole Complex Sultry Spice*) and Italian cuisine.

Enjoy this #TABLEDANCE Meal with a medium bodied white wine, like Chardonnay, or a cold American-styled brew like, Dos Equis Lager Especial in under one hour.

Our newest #TABLEDANCE Meals are coming soon to your taste buds and grocery markets near you!

Interested in tasting Stella Bistro Foods sultry spices? Click HERE.

*coming Fall 2018

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