The Budding Artichoke Welcomes Stella Bistro Foods

We love hidden gems, but this one is like no other.

The fresh air, residential architecture and loving pets are breath taking. The nurtured front yards of country lifestyle lovers is one reason why The Budding Artichoke is a great place to shop your local groceries like milk, cheese, meat - and now - Stella Bistro Foods!

On Saturday, Stella Bistro Foods met several Budding customers pleased and eager to sample our savory and tasty vegan and gluten free breakfast starters and learn more about our items!

Neighbors stopped by to a friendly wave and a soft opening to look forward to Stella Bistro Foods at The Budding Artichoke!

Beginning June, neighbors in Greensboro and High Point can visit Stella Bistro Food's first grocery carrier, The Budding Artichoke, to shop Stella Bistro Foods sultry spices and TABLE DANCE meals like Charr'd Beef with Garden Succotash and newly added TABLE DANCE Meal, Cheesy Taco Pasta!

Check our Dates to know when Stella Bistro Foods will be at The Budding Artichoke for future food demonstrations and more!

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