The New Journey of Taste: #STELLAR

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Who doesn't love flavorful food?

I have to admit, when I began the 'braining' of Stella Bistro Foods, I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I loved food and I will run for miles for it.

So I did. I packed my bags and made one of the top ten states for economic development and leading state for women in business my new home - North Carolina.

Interestingly enough, it wasn't what WAS here that grounded me to the southern state. Missing elements of tasted passion intrigued me - I felt I was to be the game changer for the food industry. With determination and minimum in savings, I packed my bags and my business plans with skills, humility and flavor to prove my difference.

Building a food brand has been very hands on. The love I have for food had me travel thousands of miles and enhanced my confidence - who doesn't love someone who knows their way around the kitchen?

Stella Bistro Foods has many taste bud influences - savory, velvet, sparks and bursts of flavor in every bite, spice, pop, you name it!

Enjoy Stella Bistro Foods how I felt about exploring food. Allow the flavors to take your taste buds to a place where indulgence is necessary. Every recipe is created for every taste pallet without breaking the bank. As I college student, cafes were convenient when I missed home. Fast food is quick, but I care for creative taste worthy meals that are filling and flavorful. When life after workforce hours fly by, you want a meal that fits a table of four requiring little to no effort without sacrificing flavor.

See, Stella Bistro Foods is designed for everyone.

Taste my creativity. Taste my life. Taste my world. Taste my art of flavor.

I hope you enjoy Stella Bistro Foods as I enjoy creating more with you.


Ashley Terrell xoxo

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