Tips To Own The Grillin' Throne

The summer months are in fully in effect! May is filled with flowers and June is filled with backyards, family, cool drinks - and the famous grill.

We have been ready to shed the winter wardrobe and snow boots for fun in the sun with sunglasses.

Our taste buds are craving mesquite flavored proteins and freshly roasted vegetables decorating the picnic table.

Before you wheel the grill to BBQ this summer, below are a few tips to own the grillin' throne.

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Spice your food at least an hour prior to grilling.

Spice your vegetables, proteins and starches at least an hour prior to grilling will allow the desired flavors to marry and deepen the flavor when grilled.

For a combustion of flavor, try to marinate your foods the night before or the morning of. The longer you marinate, the deeper and infused the flavors will taste.

Try our Stella Bistro Foods Universalt Sultry Spice and Noches Mexicanas Sultry Spice for all-purpose spicing, Stella Bistro Foods Rustic Italian Sultry Spice for your vegetables and starches prior to grilling.

Place grill away from dwelling units, or homes, windows, fences, etc.

"This is a common mistake of grillers," owner and real estate professional, Ashley Terrell expressed. "You should place your grills at least 30 to 50 feet away from your home, windows or fences. When igniting the flame for grilling, there's potential for the fire to expand causing potential fires."

For enjoyable grilling with family and friends, place your grill in an open area free of elements that can catch fire like trees, vehicles, tents, etc. Be sure the grill is within eyesight, as you will need to check your grilled food periodically. Never leave your grill unintended.

Practicing safe grilling techniques can make it a more pleasurable experience and easy cleaning for your grill when the party moves to an after party!

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Use a grill brush to clean your grill rack.

This is an important measure to remove weather's debris and for better grilling taste. Who wants to taste charcoal and weather elements?

Cleaning your grill effectively begins with a long handled brush used prior to grilling and upon finishing. Keep your grill brush nearby to clean periodically in between your grilling.

Use a long handled brush to clean debris prior to grilling.

Oil your food, not the grill!

Oiling your food is better than oiling the grill.

According to Eating Well, oiling the grill and placing the foods on the grill isn't the most effective way to grill for a memorable summer moment. Fat drips onto the heat source causing carcinogenic PAH, also known as poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

It is best to not use cooking spray on grill. Oil your foods to prevent sticking.

Fat drippings on direct heat can cause larger flames. Keep a water bottle nearby to help but out the unwanted flames.

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Preheating is key.

Charcoals take 10 to 15 minutes to warm your grill. When the charcoals become white, they're hot and ready!

You can grill your foods with indirect or direct heat. Indirect heat allows you to grill the middle prior to burning outside. Alternatively, you can use direct heat. Direct heat is when you grill directly over the heat source.

Venting is equally important to your grilling experience! When using gas grills, grill with the lid closed. Your gas grill lid will need to be closed or down to generate high temperatures.

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Know food temperatures like a PRO!

At Stella Bistro Foods, we believe great food begins with great food knowledge.

Though a medium rare steak is our ideal temperature for a juicy summer steak, knowing appropriate temperatures can please the crowd. According to the USDA, use the food temperatures below to score the perfect grilling temperature.

Beef - minimal at 130 -135 degrees Fahrenheit - RARE

140 degrees Fahrenheit - MEDIUM RARE

155 degrees Fahrenheit - MEDIUM

165 degrees Fahrenheit - WELL DONE

Poultry - 165 degrees Fahrenheit

Pork - 145 degrees Fahrenheit

Fish - 145 degrees Fahrenheit

Finesse the crowd - be mindful while grilling.

Contrary to popular belief, the grill gives love to veggies, starches, fruits and much more! Grill pears, apples, peaches for a smoky and sweet treat to end your grilling adventure with ice cream or frozen yogurt.

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We suggest vegan-friendly grilling should take place first with the veggies and starches. Lastly, the proteins. This can be considerate towards guest and family that do not consume meat.

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