Why Raspberries Make Us Jazzy!

Raspberries is a versatile fruit that allows foodies to explore a different world of flavor. Known as "nature's candy", the super fruit's rich color and sweet taste makes it hard to eat just one! The tasty fruit ranges from the known red and black rich color to purple, yellow, golden and white.

In the 19th century, raspberries were grown wildly in Europe and North America. Wild raspberries originated in Asia, but varieties of the fruit are grown in the United States. The most known red raspberry, also named Rubus idaeus originated from Europe and northern Asia.

Raspberries are grown in areas of Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia, Chile in summer and fall climates in the United States.

Raspberries have a high concentration of antioxidant strength than other fruits. This juicy fruit brings a lot to your table besides colorful food dishes and conversation.

Explore the amazing health benefits raspberries bring to your table - any time of the day!

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Raspberries reduce the risk of cancer and disease.

Raspberry extract can block and destroys the cancer cells in studies regarding prostate, breast and oral cancers. Antioxidants called Sanguiin H-6 in raspberries showed cell death of ovarian cells by over 40%.

A study with raspberry extract showed to kill about 90% of colon, breast and stomach cancer cells. In another animal study, mice fed raspberries had a lower visible evidence of fatty liver disease.

A report on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated raspberries cam lower the risk of death from heart related problems. Flavonoids found in raspberries, like anthocyanins, keep away inflammation that could cause cardiovascular disease.

Raspberries contain high polyphenols which can reduce blood pressure and risk of heart related problems. Potassium found in raspberries help regulate healthy heart beat and blood pressure. Raspberries are rich in manganese, copper, and iron which produce red blood cells.

Raspberries slow down the aging process.

Want glowing skin? Raspberries are a great fruit to eat! Natural oils in raspberries have a sun protection factor. Vitamin C found in the tasty fruit reduces the age spots and discoloration.

Raspberries contain a high concentration of ellagic acid, a phytonutrient component with substances like kaempferol, quercetin, and the cyanidin 3-Rutinoside and cyanidin-3 glucosyl-rutinoside.

The ellagic acid found in raspberries is a phenolic compound that lower the risk of cancer. Ellagic acid found in raspberries prevent and repair damage skin cells.

In another animal study, an eight week study with obese mice that ate freeze dried red raspberries showed less signs of cell damage and inflammation.

Photo credit: Hartsmann Plant Company

Raspberries improve joint health.

Raspberries have anti-inflammatory properties that reduces symptoms of arthritis and gout.

In an animal study, those given raspberry extract experienced swelling and brittle joints than the control group. Raspberries block COX-2, an enzyme that causes swelling and pain.

Enjoy raspberries the way you like!

Raspberries can be consumed in various ways like dried, fresh or frozen. Add raspberry powder to your morning smoothie - get jazzy with your raspberries!

Whether you bake or cook with raspberries, there's always a new way to use the super fruit in your creative food dishes!

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